Linux Server Administration

Whether you already have a server, or you want to choose a server from a company of your choice, whether you have an un-managed service, or you prefer to choose a better priced service, we can provide Linux Server Administration Services for your Dedicated Server or your VPS.

We can take care of the server setup, server maintenance, server speed and security optimization, installation of modules, updates, upgrades etc. No, we are not from those who know everything, we prefer to specialize in fields we know well from our everyday work. Thus, we focus on CentOS, Debian, Ubuntu.


Unbeatable price from 25€/month.


We can sign an NDA. But, really, you do not need to sign a contract.


In our offices we have always had only Linux computers.


Only CentOS, Debian, Ubuntu, Virtualmin, cPanel, Plesk.

Tell us about your project, your plans and ideas.