Web Hosting

We are committed to create the best infrastructure in the world. All our web hosting infrastructure is managed exclusively by our company, so we have full control and we apply our solutions.

We use World Class Infrastructure providers like UpCloud, Hetzner, OVH, Vultr, Linode, Digital Ocean, Rackspace, IBM, AWS, Google Cloud etc. We never use cheap data centers.

Also, we offer packages that actually fit your needs, rather than packages that cost too much without the need. Rest assured, you are choosing a top quality service.

Managed Servers

You want to have your own web server on a world class infrastructure. However, most providers offer their service unmanaged, or the managed solution they offer is very expensive. We are here to setup and maintain your server easily and affordably. We can guide you on a top class infrastructure, or you can choose any provider.

Our service includes everything you need: the Server, the Control Panel and the Management!

Almost at the price of shared web hosting for equivalent resources,
you get your own server!

Web Design

Good Web Design is not just “design”. We can convert a design into a functional website, friendly towards visitors, but also towards search engines, so you can be found and visitors can get to know about you easily. We can take your material and make it communicate with your audience, fluently and effectively.

We will help you build an online store that sells your products or services easily and professionally. We can build a custom web application, a WordPress plugin, a Magento store or a simple blog, in order to materialize your vision. All you need to do is to prepare your material. Even if you have difficulty with this, we can help you!

Web Development

Web Design is not enough. Many features are offered with professional themes and with professional or even free plugins. There are two hidden challenges with this fact. First, an inexperienced user will end up with a DIY dead end. The problem is around the corner. Second, a demanding user will ask features that are not provided exactly as needed.

We are here to solve these limitations. Working with code is our expertise. We can take your website steps further with custom development. We can modify existing code or write new code.

Web development is the non-design aspect of your website. It is the most important part, the foundation. Speed and SEO depend on this behind-the-scenes work. Proper functionality or advanced functionality can only be achieved with proper code.

WordPress Specialists

We work with PHP based applications on a daily basis. However, WordPress/Woocommerce is our top expertise. Is your WordPress website broken? Contact us now!


We can help you maintain your website properly. We can handle backup, restore, disaster recovery plan and perform all maintenance updates on all software. We can offer maintenance with virtually zero downtime.

Bugs fixes

We can find and fix bugs in any web application. Is your website damaged? Contact us now!

Custom Plugins/Code

If you have imagined a plugin that does not exist, or a functionality for your website talk to us. We can do everything, if it is possible.


For servers and websites. Even if you think you have been targeted by very mean hackers, we can help you with securing your online business. If you consider your online presence important, take precautions before it is too late. We can help you with proactive or with reactive level security.

Blockchain Services

If you want your own blockchain or a project on any blockchain, send us a message. All major Blockchains supported: Ethereum, Tron, Solana, Matic etc.


Integration with SoftOne, Capital, Entersoft, Atlantis or any other ERP. Integration with Zalando, Skroutz or any other marketplace. Any integration with API.

Tell us about your project, your plans and ideas.